Circuit Rankings!
Join our Circuit event and climb the rankings ladder! DA Circuit is a unique event designed to be fun and competitive simultaneously. Each season lasts for approximately 1 month. Make sure you don't miss the action!

The Guide
First step you should be taking before engaging in the community is reading through our guide. It has an extensive elaboration of how things work around here so you could keep your self out of troubles!

Pro Decklists Gallery
A unique and original event of Duel Academy. Once every month, DA host a tournament where only original decks are allowed, after everyone duke it out; winners get to showcase their deck in our gallery.

Central Shop
Take a look at what we have to offer in the central shop. Duel Points are of a good use if you know where and when to spend them, like on a fancy new rank. New items are added regularly to the central shop!

Survival Master
The Survival Master is a title given to those who have proven their resilience in the Arena. There are many perks to this prestigious title, Including a high stakes match with the Supreme King! Are you strong enough to survive?

Weekly Challenges
Weekly challenges are a few sets of missions given to all users at the beginning of each week. You have 1 week to finish your tasks and earn your rewards, otherwise your progress resets and you start from scratch!

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Use of cookies
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